Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swine Flu and new pictures....

My poor little Justin has been so sick with H1N1. He is better now, but washing all of the laundry he may have infected just might put me over the edge! He is back to his 100% all boy self. He is to rotten to be sick for long!

Since no one else is sick we had portraits taken today. I LOVE them. Check them out at: http://cbaaphoto.zenfolio.com/p634327512 we are "The M kids".
I will post the actual pictures when I get the disk and copyright release. For now enjoy the proofs.

I want to add that Katie is in what I call "the year of fake smiles". All if my kids have done this. It makes me crazy. I also want to add that the Moore children obviously can not look serious without looking like serial killers or as my friend Julie said "The Moore Mafia!" LOL!

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