Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sick baby girls....

Wednesdays are busy for our family. Cameron had a make-up football game (they won!!!) and Leanne and Katie both had cheer practice. Chad took the boys to sub*way for dinner and I was going to get the girls something. Katie of course wanted apple dippers from Mc*Donalds. I asked her if she would rather have chicken strips from Raising Cain*s and she said:

"Mommy!!! Sick little girls can not eat chicken strips!"

I asked her if she was sick and she said yes. I then asked what is wrong with you? Where are you sick?

Katie said: "I have the issues."

I have not laughed so much all week. I love that girl:)
(I wanted to add that Leanne is taking a photography class and took the photo in this post. She is doing so well and having a great time in the class.)

Finally Pre-school....

I really should be cleaning or doing laundry or sewing for our Disney trip... but I am blogging! Some of my followers are complaining that I do not update nearly enough:) I think things should settle down once Katie and I are back from our trip. I will be attempting to get my blog up to date as I can. If things are out of order please forgive me. I am going to play the I have 4 kids card and use them as my excuse for having no time.

Katie started pre-school a few weeks ago. I was hoping she would do well, but deep down a little piece of me was also hoping she would cry and refuse to leave my side. I still want her to need me and as she gets older she needs me less and less.

As the first day of school approached I was getting nervous. Actually I cried every time I thought of her leaving me and heading off into the big bad world of pre-school. However, that sad part of me held it together and told Katie all of the great things about school to help her get excited about going. The Thursday before school started we went to "meet the teacher" where she met Ms. Marcy and Ms. Chrissy as well as a few kids in her class. She was also able to look play with the toys and see where she would be spending her time while as school.

Once the big day arrived Katie was so excited. She was ready to put on her new dress, new red shoes and her new back pack and get to school. My mom met us at the school and Katie was excited to show her around. She didnt seem a bit nervouse and she never shed a tear. I was also great while in the room with her. After about 15 minutes in the class room her teacher said it was time for the parents to leave. As my mom and I were leaving she was a few steps ahead of me and heard her sniffle. That is when I lost it. I cried all the way home. When I picked her up that afternoon she said she had a great time and that she wanted to go back again. Katie continues to love her school and her teachers. I am so thankful we found such a loving and happy place to send her. Katie has however learned about kindergarten while at preschool and says she wants to go with her friends. One step at a time baby. One step at a time!

Enjoy the pictures. Finally!

I made Katies first day of school dress. Her teacher loved it and askes me everyday if I made her outfit.

Katie on her way in...

Katie in the hallway leading to her class.

Katie in her adoprable little classroom.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These are some good apples....

On Wednesday of last week our homeschool group visited a local apple orchard. We took a tour of the farm, learned about how apples grow and then we picked apples to take home and enjoy. I forgot my camera, but my friend Theresa was there to save the day. She took some pictures of my kids for me. She sent me a few today that I just have to share.

Miss. Katie loves fruit. Any fruit! We have picked apples, strawberries and blackberries and she is notorious for eating more than she puts in her bucket. Apple picking was the same way. She picked her first sweet apple from the tree and immediately took a giant bite. She said "Momma these are some good apples". Here are a few pictures of my girl and her apple.

For some reason I can not load the cutest one. She has one eye open. It is adorable! I will try again tomorrow. Cold meds and blogging do not mix:)

It worked for her....

Last night when I picked Leanne up from her tumbling class my friend Sherry said I have to tell you the sweetest story about Leanne.

Leanne had spent the weekend with Sherry's daughter Lilly. While with them they went to a family cookout. Sherry and her sister were talking about her sisters daughter and her husband who have been trying to have a baby for over 8 years. They are a young couple who have had a terrible time becoming and staying pregnant. Because the couple had been trying so long and up until now had not been thought adoption was an option Sherry asked her sister if they were opening up to "other options". Sherry knew Leanne and Lilly were listening to the conversation and didn't know how sensitive Leanne was to conversations about adoption, she just said options. Sherry said Leanne perked up and said "what other option?" My dear friend said "well, Leanne I was talking about adoption." To which Leanne replied "Oh! Tell them adoption is not bad. It worked out great for me!".

Sherry said Leanne said it with such innocence and confidence. That is bought tears to all there eyes.

Leanne was right! Adoption is not bad. It is not second best. It has worked out well for me too.