Monday, July 5, 2010

The wheels on the bus.....

One day last week we were in the car driving and we were singing songs with Katie. She was singing The Wheels on the Bus. She started adding cute little verses when she got to the end of the song. Of course the big kids wanted in on the fun too. So we all started singing a new song. I thought I would share it:

The Katie on the Bus. To tune of The Wheels on the Bus.

The Katie on the bus says I go first, I go First, I go first.
The Katie on the bus says I go first, all through the town...

The Katie on the bus says that's my always seat, that's my always seat, that's my always seat.
The Katie on the bus says that's my always seat, all through the town...

The Katie on the bus says you can't sit there, you can't sit there, you can't sit there.
The Katie on the bus says you can't sit there, all through the town...

The Katie on the bus says I don't want to watch that, I don't want to watch that, I don't want to watch that.
The Katie on the bus say I don't want to watch that, all through the town...

The Katie on the bus says It's not fair, It's not fair, It's not fair.
The Katie on the bus says It's not fair, all through the town...

The Katie on the bus screams "You're hurting my feelings and I'm about to cry!!!!"

Poor Katie. She thought it was so funny at first. The longer we sang the more upset she got. We had to stop, but I must admit it was pretty funny and it was all true.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The tale of a lose tooth....

Lisa and I had a yard sale last weekend. Truth be told it was really Lisa's yard sale and I threw some of my junk in. I had one in the fall and had forgotten that I donated all the left overs to the Salvation Army. Anyway-

While I was driving Leanne to cheer after a long day of selling our junk Katie said to me:

"Momma, my tooth is loose!?"

Which in Katie talk sounded more like: "Momma my toofh is woose!?"

That girls is adorable!

Back to the story-

I told her not to wiggle it and I would check it when we got to the gym. By that time she had wiggled it and there was a little blood. Katie was starting to get frantic and kept saying "It's all my fault, my tooth is loose..." while sobbing. She could not remember what had happened to her mouth to make her tooth loose. I called the dentist and of course they said just bring her in on Monday. I googled loose teeth and discovered that as long as there was not nerve damage a tooth can tighten back up in the gums. I instructed her to leave it alone and not wiggle it and that just maybe it would tighten back up and be fine. I assured her I would take her to the dentist on Monday and it would all be better. We were both very upset.

I called Lisa to see how puppy hunting was going as well as to tell her of the mysterious mouth injury that produced a loose tooth in baby girls mouth. Lisa my kind friend who overlooks my fear raw milk, my hatred for the word chub and many other things the average person would possibly think makes me crazy, very kindly laughed at me. "Friend" she said "Her tooth is not going to tighten back up there is a big tooth under there pushing it out to make room for her adult teeth to come in." I gasped! Then teared up. There is no way my baby girl is big enough for her teeth to fall out. I now admit I think Lisa was right. After she stopped laughing at the fact that A.) I did really call the dentist and B.) No, it never crossed my mind that it could just be falling out, gave me some sound advise. This is normal. She is growing up and it's going to be okay.

I of course had to tell my princess that it was okay to wiggle her tooth. It is okay if it falls out. I also had to tell her that the Tooth Fairy will bring her a treat for losing her tooth. There may have been a warning about wiggling teeth before it's time and how it results in no Tooth Fairy gifts. Yet another shameful parenting moment for me. I can't help it. I love those tiny teeth and wanted to keep them in as long as possible. As of Monday the tooth is still in it's spot. It wiggles a little which makes Katie happy. I am still holding onto the sliver of hope that it will tighten back up and she will have those tiny baby teeth just a little while longer. Sad, I know!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I was picking up a beautiful tiny bundle of joy from the hospital. I was wrapping her in pink blankets and clipping tiny pink bows in her soft curls. I was rocking her to sleep and wearing her in a baby wrap. Today however I took that beautiful baby girl of mine and *gulp* signed her up for kindergarten. It was so hard. I had to choke back tears more than once. As we sat in tiny chairs in the school library I imagined my baby in kindergarten playing and having a great time without me. Then I took it a step further and imagined for the first time in her life (I repressed those thoughts) Katie all grown up. Not. My. Baby. Girl. Then the tears were really ready to fall. All the while Katie talked with other kids and looked at books. She asked questions about her class, lunch and riding the bus. She is not riding the bus! Let's not take crazy here. So while I was mourning the loss of my baby she was thrilled about her future. I can not hold her back. I can not keep her from growing up. Maybe if I write it I will accept it!?

So that's it. She is enrolled in school. This doesn't mean she will be going. I am on the fence about homeschooling her. The older kids are going to school and she really wants to go too. Silly pre-school brain washed her. LOL! I am keeping my options open at this point. She may change her mind too. This is the child who only likes pre-school once a week. If that. Those who know me best (Chad, mom, Lisa) think she will be staying home. We shall see. There are several months to figure it out. In the mean time we will get ready for the next chapter in our lives.

Friday, February 26, 2010

7 years together

I can not believe that today is our 7th Gotcha Day with Leanne, Cameron and Justin. It seems like just yesterday I got the phone call that changed my life forever. It seems like just yesterday we walked into that dirty office building and looked into the tear stained faces of the three most beautiful children I had ever seen. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting across from a judge vowing to be the best parents possible. Promising to love and care for them for the rest of their lives. It really does seem like it was "just yesterday". Where has the time gone?

My precious little boys are growing bigger everyday. They are eating me out of house and home. They are playing sports and climbing trees. They are building snow forts in the front yard. They are telling me silly jokes and laughing at mine. Cameron is looking me in the eye now when he kisses me good night or gives me a hug. Justin keeps me hopping and I never know what he is going to say next.

My precious little girl is almost a teenager. She no longer lets me put her hair in piggy tails or braid it everyday. She wants Hollist*er instead of Gymbor*ee. She wants to go to the skating rink with friends instead of holding my hand while she skates around the rink. She like her younger brother is looking me eye to eye when we are standing together.

I do not understand how it can feel like yesterday yet at the same time I can not remember my life without them? I can not imagine a life without goodnight kisses, silly laughing, practical jokes, sibling fights, mountains on laundry, hearing them call me mommy, watching the succeed and drying their tears when they don't.

I do remember a time when I cried myself to sleep longing for a baby to hold, a toddler to dress and a preschooler to sing with and read books too. I mourned the thought of not having children to take on trips to the zoo, to see children's movies, to take on vacations to Disney World... I cried thinking I would never have a baby to rock to sleep or a someone to tuck in and kiss goodnight. It was a sad time in my life. I wish I knew then that the Lord was perfectly orchestrating our lives and weaving our paths to become a family. We had to experience the pain and sadness to become the family we are today. Hanging over my couch is a collage of pictures of the kids and the words "Family: A journey to forever". It completely sums up how I feel. My journey lead me to these 4 precious children. I can not wait to spend 7 more year with them on our journey to forever, as a family.

Happy Birthday Princess

My sweet baby girl is 5. Oh, my baby girl is 5. I can not believe she is 5! Is it obvious this is a bit difficult for me? You may remember from her 4th birthday how well I do when one of my kids get a year older. I take it hard. Like 2 cookies and a cupcake hard! Yep! I ate all three. I am happy to report I dried the tears and I'm back on the wagon today.

Back to Princess.... Katie turned 5 and boy was she excited. Since July I have been teasing her and asking her to please turn 4 one more time. To which she always replied "But that is bad for the law.". I don't know where she comes up with half the things she says. Chad and I went in a kissed her good night right after midnight. I whispered Happy Birthday to her and quietly sang her the song I made up for her when I used to rock her as a baby. It goes like this:

Katie, you are my baby. Your daddy's love and mommies heart.

Kind of goofy and makes no sense especially without knowing the tune. But, she loves it when I sing her "my song" and I love singing it to her.

Our day started out with a trip to the pediatrician for her check up. She needed to have her preschool form filled out, so she could go back on Monday and it was the only day they could get her in. She is now 33 lbs and 39 inches tall. She is finally on the charts and is hanging out near the bottom in the 10 percentile. We followed the very traumatic doctor visit (she got 2 shots and I delayed 2 more) with a happy meal at McDonald's with a play land. Katie played for a while and then it was off to preschool. At preschool they were learning about transportation this week and yesterday was train day. Katie got to be the engineer and she loved it. We brought cookies in for her treat since we took cupcakes in for her cheer team the night before. The class sang to her and she loved that as well. At home she had a Dora cake and opened presents from our family. It was a very low key night. The kids even ate left over pizza for dinner since it is what Katie wanted. We will be having a birthday party in a few weeks. Cheerleading is in full swing and the girls compete the next two weekends. She is so excited to celebrate again.

Happy birthday Katie! I love you sweet princess.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse....

In October Katie and I went to see Mickey, Minnie and all their friends. We left Daddy and the big kids home and took on "The World" together. We were not totally alone. We traveled with my friend Sarah and her son Adam, who is Katie's buddy. We had THE BEST TIME!!!!

Katie and I missed our family at home, but we really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was all about Katie. She was treated like (and called) Princess from the moment we arrived. Let me tell you that is just the way she likes to be treated. Like the princess she is!

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. It was beautiful and the rooms were so nice. The resort had a great pool and many wonderful amenities. We were able to go during the free dining promotion, and enjoyed many wonderful Disney restaurants like the Coral Reef at Epcot and Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom. We also had breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's Castle and lunched with them at Epcot. We ate with the cast of play house Disney at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios , which was definitely the most fun character meal we had. We were able to get hopper passes and enjoyed all of the parks at least once. We spent most of our time at the Magic Kingdom of course! We had a ball at Mickeys not so scary Halloween party where Katie arrived as Tinkerbelle and changed into a Princess Tiana gown. She had so much fun dancing with Donald and Daisy at the dance party. She was showing them all of her best moves. Her moves were so great that Cinderella's wicked step sisters came from across the park to watch her and have their pictures taken with Katie in her "horseless carriage" aka her stroller. Katie's favorite thing to do was to see the characters and get their autographs. She loved it!

The car ride was long, the temperature was hot and we missed daddy and "the kids".... But, it was a magical trip. I loved spending that time with my girl. I feel so blessed that we were able to afford such a wonderful trip for the two of us. These are memories that will last a life time for me. I can not wait to take her back. Next time we will all go as a family. Katie never wants to go back without her Daddy, Leanne, her boys and her Grandma Tina. We will make her wish come true.....

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. I made Katie an outfit to wear each day. She had a Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora dress, an Animal Kingdom animal print set and a Minnie Dot set to wear. She also had matching bows for each outfit of course! She got so much attention in her Disney customs. She loved the Snow White dress and wore it twice. We had to save Aurora for our next trip. Get ready for too many Katie's:

We litterally dropped our car and bags off at the resort and hit the Magic Kingdom.

We stood in line to see Minnie twice. The fist night we waited in line for 30 minutes and when we got to Minnie... Katie lost her mind, threw a fit and refused to get close to her decided she wanted to see something else.

Katie loved Donald Duck. She even sang him a song about how much she loved ducks. He was so sweet and spent a lot of time with her. Most of the characters did. She loved interacting with them.

Katie loved the Pooh at Animal Kingdom. She ran to him and gave him the biggest hug. It was so sweet.

We both loved Eyore.

Snow White loved Katie's dress. She asked Katie if her "woodland friends" made her dress too. Katie said "No, my mommy made my dress." It was so sweet.

Katie loved Buzz and Woody the most of all of the characters. I must admit... I love them too! They hold a special place in my heart because my boys loved them so much when they were little. Katie dragged her big Woody doll all over the place while we were there. When Woody saw Katie with his doll he immediately took it from her and showed it to everyone. He then put it in his holster which made Katie laugh and laugh. Buzz got in on the action and the two of them were "fighting" over Katie and who she like the best. She loved every second of it! She kissed Woody on the cheek and then Buzz needed a kiss too. It was sweet. They spent about 10 minutes playing with Katie and having a good time with her. I am sure the people in line behind us were not too happy about the wait. But, they made some precious memories for my sweet girl.

Well, I think that is enough pictures for tonight. I will add some more later. There are so many cute ones I just can't stop.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three months with no blogging....

I have been a BAD blogger. I am sure I have no readers left. I know I drop blogs I love when they do not update. Sorry!!! I have started a few posts and vow to get them up tonight. The kids are keeping me so busy.

Since blogs are no fun without pictures I will leave you with one from Leanne and Katie's photo shot a month ago. They are some of my favorite pictures of the girls.