Thursday, November 12, 2009

The mommy store......

This morning when I crawled out of bed my back was so stiff. I said to Katie: "Wow Kate! Momma is getting so old."

Katie said: "If you are that old Momma we need to take you back to the Mommy Store and trade you in for a new Mommy!"

I said: "Wouldn't you miss me?"

Katie: "For a little bit, but we would be OK!"

Me: "Well, since you are not being nice to me... I think I should take you back to The Baby Gap and trade you in for a new baby girl."

Katie: "Would you miss me?"

Me: "For a little bit, but I would be OK!"

Katie: "HEY!!!!" Then she ran over laughing, jumped in my arms and gave me a big squeeze.

I love this girl!

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