Monday, September 3, 2012

Is it hard to do her hair?

This is probably the most asked question I hear about Katie's adoption.
We hear it almost daily.  
It usually goes like this: "She is so cute!  Do you do her hair yourself?"

Haircare in the African American community is huge.
In fact during our adoption finalization the judge 
(a beautiful African American woman)
asked us how we planned on caring for her hair.
I told her I would "learn as I go."
Apparently that worked for her because she approved the adoption.

Over the years Katie's hair has changed texture a few times.
When she was a baby she has straight super soft hair.
As she got older it started to curl loosely.
By the time she was 3 it was thick and full of 
the sweetest and perfectly curled ringlets.

During the last 7 years our hair style of choice has been...
The Poofs!

Because I am so talented we could switch it up and do...
One Poof!

As she got a bit older I started feeling pressure to do more.
I knew it was hard and I thought the right thing to do 
was take her to a salon.
I knew I wanted to keep her hair natural, so I looked
for a place that specialized in natural hair care.
So they said!
Our trips to the salon were long and painful.
It broke my heart.  But it's what I was told was right.
"She will get used to it." 
"She's just tender headed!"
"If you started younger it wouldn't bother her."
"All kids cry when they get their hair done."
So I did it!

It broke my heart. 
And Katie's!

It looked so cute when we were finished.
So I kept doing it.

(Check out that length.  Wow!)

Until a friend introduced me to Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.
This blog is written by an transracial adoptive mother
of a sweet little girl named Boo.
Since reading this blog I have realized...
I can do her hair myself.
It doesn't have to be painful.
There is no one perfect way.

Since we have started a new hair regimen we have tried:

Free hair

Two Strand Twists

 And Fancy Hair 
(actually a veil style into puffs)

(I know I need to work on parting.  lol!)

Katie loves our new routine.
She loves that it is almost pain free.
She loves that we can take our time.  

Our routine is simple...
Wash with a conditioner wash aka. co-wash
De-tangle while the conditioner is in.
 Hot oil treatment with organic coconut oil.
Comb out with Kinky Curly Knot Today
We love to style with the Kinky Curly Curling Custard 
and the Gloss Pomade.
We get our products at Target.

Thank you Rori at Chocolate hair/Vanilla Care.

No more salon for us!

This makes my baby girl happy.

Happy baby girl = Happy momma.


 (ETA:  This is how we do Katie's hair.  It works for us.  It may not work for everyone. Her hair is healthy and moisturized.  We are happy with this for now.  We will continue to learn as we go. As her hair grows and changes so will our routine.

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  1. so sweet, lacy, she looks great! you're an awesome mom! *big hugs*