Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Cameron


On Saturday June 27th my sweet sweet son Cameron turned 10. Finally double digits!

Cameron came to us at the age of 3. He was the most adorable, stocky, funny and loving little guy. Cameron loved "wobed" everything from broccoli to me:) He would say all day long "Ima wobing dat_____" what ever it may be at the time. My favorite thing was when he would climb into my lap and give me a big hug and say "Momma! I wuben you."

Cameron is growing into such a caring, gentle and handsome young man. He still tells his momma how much he loves me all day long. He loves to help his little sister and it is not uncommon to find him playing doll house or babies with Katie (I hope he doesn't find out I just put that out there for everyone to read. LOL) . Cameron is also a very talented athlete playing both football and baseball. He is a determined kid and never lets anyone tell him he can't do something. Cameron is a quiet leader. He is so laid back and go with the flow he is rarely in trouble. When he is in trouble you can see how deeply it hurts him that he has upset you. Watching Cameron grow up is such a blessing to me. I can not wait (well it could go a little slower they grow up way to fast) to see what the Lord has in store for Cameron. As of now Cameron plans to attend OSU to play football for his beloved Buckeyes and then become a soldier:) He will make a wonderful caring husband and father someday and I am so thankful the Lord gave him to us. We are so proud to be be his parents. We love you Cameron!

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  1. Wow, Cameron is a good-lookin' young man! What a huge blessing he must be to you!

    Happy Birthday!!

    **Good grief Lacy...you are certainly making up for lost time with 3 posts today! How am I supposed to get anything done around here if I keep seeing new things to read from you?! :)