Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These are some good apples....

On Wednesday of last week our homeschool group visited a local apple orchard. We took a tour of the farm, learned about how apples grow and then we picked apples to take home and enjoy. I forgot my camera, but my friend Theresa was there to save the day. She took some pictures of my kids for me. She sent me a few today that I just have to share.

Miss. Katie loves fruit. Any fruit! We have picked apples, strawberries and blackberries and she is notorious for eating more than she puts in her bucket. Apple picking was the same way. She picked her first sweet apple from the tree and immediately took a giant bite. She said "Momma these are some good apples". Here are a few pictures of my girl and her apple.

For some reason I can not load the cutest one. She has one eye open. It is adorable! I will try again tomorrow. Cold meds and blogging do not mix:)


  1. There's a cuter picture still??? Oh my stars. Lacy, you simply MUST put those pics in frames...they are wall-worthy FOR SURE!!

    Just when I think that Katie at at her cutest, you prove me wrong. I love that girly!!