Monday, February 22, 2010


Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse....

In October Katie and I went to see Mickey, Minnie and all their friends. We left Daddy and the big kids home and took on "The World" together. We were not totally alone. We traveled with my friend Sarah and her son Adam, who is Katie's buddy. We had THE BEST TIME!!!!

Katie and I missed our family at home, but we really enjoyed the time we spent together. It was all about Katie. She was treated like (and called) Princess from the moment we arrived. Let me tell you that is just the way she likes to be treated. Like the princess she is!

We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort. It was beautiful and the rooms were so nice. The resort had a great pool and many wonderful amenities. We were able to go during the free dining promotion, and enjoyed many wonderful Disney restaurants like the Coral Reef at Epcot and Tusker House at the Animal Kingdom. We also had breakfast with the princesses at Cinderella's Castle and lunched with them at Epcot. We ate with the cast of play house Disney at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios , which was definitely the most fun character meal we had. We were able to get hopper passes and enjoyed all of the parks at least once. We spent most of our time at the Magic Kingdom of course! We had a ball at Mickeys not so scary Halloween party where Katie arrived as Tinkerbelle and changed into a Princess Tiana gown. She had so much fun dancing with Donald and Daisy at the dance party. She was showing them all of her best moves. Her moves were so great that Cinderella's wicked step sisters came from across the park to watch her and have their pictures taken with Katie in her "horseless carriage" aka her stroller. Katie's favorite thing to do was to see the characters and get their autographs. She loved it!

The car ride was long, the temperature was hot and we missed daddy and "the kids".... But, it was a magical trip. I loved spending that time with my girl. I feel so blessed that we were able to afford such a wonderful trip for the two of us. These are memories that will last a life time for me. I can not wait to take her back. Next time we will all go as a family. Katie never wants to go back without her Daddy, Leanne, her boys and her Grandma Tina. We will make her wish come true.....

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip. I made Katie an outfit to wear each day. She had a Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora dress, an Animal Kingdom animal print set and a Minnie Dot set to wear. She also had matching bows for each outfit of course! She got so much attention in her Disney customs. She loved the Snow White dress and wore it twice. We had to save Aurora for our next trip. Get ready for too many Katie's:

We litterally dropped our car and bags off at the resort and hit the Magic Kingdom.

We stood in line to see Minnie twice. The fist night we waited in line for 30 minutes and when we got to Minnie... Katie lost her mind, threw a fit and refused to get close to her decided she wanted to see something else.

Katie loved Donald Duck. She even sang him a song about how much she loved ducks. He was so sweet and spent a lot of time with her. Most of the characters did. She loved interacting with them.

Katie loved the Pooh at Animal Kingdom. She ran to him and gave him the biggest hug. It was so sweet.

We both loved Eyore.

Snow White loved Katie's dress. She asked Katie if her "woodland friends" made her dress too. Katie said "No, my mommy made my dress." It was so sweet.

Katie loved Buzz and Woody the most of all of the characters. I must admit... I love them too! They hold a special place in my heart because my boys loved them so much when they were little. Katie dragged her big Woody doll all over the place while we were there. When Woody saw Katie with his doll he immediately took it from her and showed it to everyone. He then put it in his holster which made Katie laugh and laugh. Buzz got in on the action and the two of them were "fighting" over Katie and who she like the best. She loved every second of it! She kissed Woody on the cheek and then Buzz needed a kiss too. It was sweet. They spent about 10 minutes playing with Katie and having a good time with her. I am sure the people in line behind us were not too happy about the wait. But, they made some precious memories for my sweet girl.

Well, I think that is enough pictures for tonight. I will add some more later. There are so many cute ones I just can't stop.


  1. Oh my gosh! I am feeling like such a slacker!! Katie's outfits are ADORABLE!!! I am going to get my rear in gear and start sewing for Lucy more. And dog-gone-it, she better wear what I make!!

    GREAT pictures!! It looks like you had tons of fun!

    Thanks so much for finally posting about it! ;)