Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess

My sweet baby girl is 5. Oh, my baby girl is 5. I can not believe she is 5! Is it obvious this is a bit difficult for me? You may remember from her 4th birthday how well I do when one of my kids get a year older. I take it hard. Like 2 cookies and a cupcake hard! Yep! I ate all three. I am happy to report I dried the tears and I'm back on the wagon today.

Back to Princess.... Katie turned 5 and boy was she excited. Since July I have been teasing her and asking her to please turn 4 one more time. To which she always replied "But that is bad for the law.". I don't know where she comes up with half the things she says. Chad and I went in a kissed her good night right after midnight. I whispered Happy Birthday to her and quietly sang her the song I made up for her when I used to rock her as a baby. It goes like this:

Katie, you are my baby. Your daddy's love and mommies heart.

Kind of goofy and makes no sense especially without knowing the tune. But, she loves it when I sing her "my song" and I love singing it to her.

Our day started out with a trip to the pediatrician for her check up. She needed to have her preschool form filled out, so she could go back on Monday and it was the only day they could get her in. She is now 33 lbs and 39 inches tall. She is finally on the charts and is hanging out near the bottom in the 10 percentile. We followed the very traumatic doctor visit (she got 2 shots and I delayed 2 more) with a happy meal at McDonald's with a play land. Katie played for a while and then it was off to preschool. At preschool they were learning about transportation this week and yesterday was train day. Katie got to be the engineer and she loved it. We brought cookies in for her treat since we took cupcakes in for her cheer team the night before. The class sang to her and she loved that as well. At home she had a Dora cake and opened presents from our family. It was a very low key night. The kids even ate left over pizza for dinner since it is what Katie wanted. We will be having a birthday party in a few weeks. Cheerleading is in full swing and the girls compete the next two weekends. She is so excited to celebrate again.

Happy birthday Katie! I love you sweet princess.

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