Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I was picking up a beautiful tiny bundle of joy from the hospital. I was wrapping her in pink blankets and clipping tiny pink bows in her soft curls. I was rocking her to sleep and wearing her in a baby wrap. Today however I took that beautiful baby girl of mine and *gulp* signed her up for kindergarten. It was so hard. I had to choke back tears more than once. As we sat in tiny chairs in the school library I imagined my baby in kindergarten playing and having a great time without me. Then I took it a step further and imagined for the first time in her life (I repressed those thoughts) Katie all grown up. Not. My. Baby. Girl. Then the tears were really ready to fall. All the while Katie talked with other kids and looked at books. She asked questions about her class, lunch and riding the bus. She is not riding the bus! Let's not take crazy here. So while I was mourning the loss of my baby she was thrilled about her future. I can not hold her back. I can not keep her from growing up. Maybe if I write it I will accept it!?

So that's it. She is enrolled in school. This doesn't mean she will be going. I am on the fence about homeschooling her. The older kids are going to school and she really wants to go too. Silly pre-school brain washed her. LOL! I am keeping my options open at this point. She may change her mind too. This is the child who only likes pre-school once a week. If that. Those who know me best (Chad, mom, Lisa) think she will be staying home. We shall see. There are several months to figure it out. In the mean time we will get ready for the next chapter in our lives.