Monday, June 7, 2010

The tale of a lose tooth....

Lisa and I had a yard sale last weekend. Truth be told it was really Lisa's yard sale and I threw some of my junk in. I had one in the fall and had forgotten that I donated all the left overs to the Salvation Army. Anyway-

While I was driving Leanne to cheer after a long day of selling our junk Katie said to me:

"Momma, my tooth is loose!?"

Which in Katie talk sounded more like: "Momma my toofh is woose!?"

That girls is adorable!

Back to the story-

I told her not to wiggle it and I would check it when we got to the gym. By that time she had wiggled it and there was a little blood. Katie was starting to get frantic and kept saying "It's all my fault, my tooth is loose..." while sobbing. She could not remember what had happened to her mouth to make her tooth loose. I called the dentist and of course they said just bring her in on Monday. I googled loose teeth and discovered that as long as there was not nerve damage a tooth can tighten back up in the gums. I instructed her to leave it alone and not wiggle it and that just maybe it would tighten back up and be fine. I assured her I would take her to the dentist on Monday and it would all be better. We were both very upset.

I called Lisa to see how puppy hunting was going as well as to tell her of the mysterious mouth injury that produced a loose tooth in baby girls mouth. Lisa my kind friend who overlooks my fear raw milk, my hatred for the word chub and many other things the average person would possibly think makes me crazy, very kindly laughed at me. "Friend" she said "Her tooth is not going to tighten back up there is a big tooth under there pushing it out to make room for her adult teeth to come in." I gasped! Then teared up. There is no way my baby girl is big enough for her teeth to fall out. I now admit I think Lisa was right. After she stopped laughing at the fact that A.) I did really call the dentist and B.) No, it never crossed my mind that it could just be falling out, gave me some sound advise. This is normal. She is growing up and it's going to be okay.

I of course had to tell my princess that it was okay to wiggle her tooth. It is okay if it falls out. I also had to tell her that the Tooth Fairy will bring her a treat for losing her tooth. There may have been a warning about wiggling teeth before it's time and how it results in no Tooth Fairy gifts. Yet another shameful parenting moment for me. I can't help it. I love those tiny teeth and wanted to keep them in as long as possible. As of Monday the tooth is still in it's spot. It wiggles a little which makes Katie happy. I am still holding onto the sliver of hope that it will tighten back up and she will have those tiny baby teeth just a little while longer. Sad, I know!


  1. I love your story Lacy. I too am sad that Lindy has a loose tooth. I can't stand it that my girls are growing up! They will start kindergarten this year. Time is flying by isn't it.

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