Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have not blogged in the last few days because we have not left our house all weekend. Sometimes I feel so old and boring! Seriously though, it is not often that we can stay home. We are always on the go. I think poor little Katie has spent most of her life strapped in a car seat going from one event to another.

To give you an idea of our weekly schedule:
Monday: AM. Home school Group (when in session) PM. Tumbling
Tuesday: AM. School PM. cheer practice, starting 1/6 Katie's dance class
Wednesday: AM. School PM. Cheer practice again
Thursday: AM. School and Justin's Speech therapy PM. Tumbling for both girls and Scouts for both boys
Friday: AM. School PM. Nothing
Saturday: From September- April our Saturdays are filled with cheer competitions, football or baseball games.
Sunday: Leanne cheers from 2-8 and we have the day off.

Now we have to add in doctors appointments, dentist/orthodontist appointments, trips to fix broken glasses, cleaning, cooking, laundry and grocery shopping. Let's not forget a few random trips to the ER for stitches or broken bones. My kids only get sick or hurt over the weekend and after hours! We actually had stitches in the back of the head (Justin) and a broken thumb and nose (Leanne) last year. In the spring we add 4 weekly baseball practices, which to keep things fun for me usually include at least one night of both boys on different fields at the same time. In the fall we add 4 nights a week of football practice. Throw in the occasional field trip and it is easy to see why I am never home. What I don't understand is how people think home schooled kids are "un-socialized"?

Back to this weekend.... We played board games like Lucky Ducks (one millions times), yahtzee and monopoly. We actually finished two games of monopoly. We tried to play clue, but it still seems a little hard for some of our kids. However, the thing we have had the most fun with this weekend is my new steam mop. Go figure! Hundreds of dollars spent on new toys for Christmas and my kids are fighting over a steam mop. On a positive note, my floors have never been so clean!

We are now off to cheerleading practice. Katie is going to Grandma Tina's and the boys and I are having a nice afternoon together. Tomorrow is the end of Christmas break. Back to our normal schedule. I am exhausted just thinking about it!

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