Monday, January 5, 2009

I have the best intentions....

Today was our first day back to school after our long Christmas break. I had grand plans for how this day would go. The first thing I decided was there would be no phone calls for me today! I was not placing one and I was not going to answer the phone. My next goal was to wake up at 6:30, get a shower (before afternoon! I was shocked too.) I was going to come downstairs alone, before the kids got up and read my Bible (I am so bad about this) and pray for a productive and peaceful day. I would get the kids up, have them get dressed and make breakfast. I would spend some time with Katie while the big kids did independent seat work. I would take turns working with each child, while someone played with Katie and the other child had quiet reading time. After talking to my good friend Lisa last night, I decided to give each subject a time limit. That's right, no more math for 2 hours. You get 45 minutes and then it is homework. Homeschool homework and dad could help them we he gets home. Brilliant! I had solved all of our problems in one night, with one call to a very wise homeschooling friend. I was so excited for today. I had even made the copies I needed, in advance. I was really on a roll last night. I was ready to brave the much dreaded copy work. Life was good....

All mom's know nothing ever goes as planned. As I was peacefully dreaming away last night I was suddenly awaken by the sounds of Princess Katie getting sick. Being 3 I was pretty sure she had not made it to an appropriate place for this to happen. You guessed it, she was in her bed. Which as luck would have it is also be my bed (read with much sarcasm). Yes, the princess snuggles right next to mom in the big bed every night. I was horrified. So instead of starting at 6 a.m. my perfect day started at 2:30. I know this doesn't seem like a huge deal to a lot of mothers. Sick kids happen! I however am not that kind of mom. I don't "do" vomit! I don't like to see it, smell it, hear it or do it. All of which are hard to avoid when it is happening right next to your pillow. I am the mom who will hand you a towel from outside the door and lysol after you are finished. I am not the hair holding, back rubbing, it's going to be okay kind of gal. I HATE it! In fact I was on a 10 year streak myself until the "incident of 2008". But what's a mother to do when her baby is calling for her. I held her hand, rubbed her back and cleaned her up. I thought it was a fluke, that maybe something she ate didn't agree with her. She seemed to be her normal bossy self: "I need pink jammy pants", "not that toothpaste it's to spicy", "I need a new pillow", "call the doctor in the morning".... you get the picture. She was bouncing around on our nice clean bed and seemed normal. So, being the kind mother that I am, I tucked her in, kissed her head and had "the talk". The "if you have to be sick again please, please, please make it to the potty" talk. Being the kind sweet little girl she is, she made it there the rest of the night. It was not a fluke, I have a sick baby. Poor little thing!

I now have Katie watching Barney, Justin is in his room in trouble and the older kids doing silent reading. The day is not totally lost. I will do better tomorrow. After all, I can not solve all of life's problems in one night. But, I do have the best intentions.

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  1. Hi Lacy! I am from the soulcysters board. I love your blog. I see you also follow "because I said so", I love Dawn's humor. Have a great day.
    Shelly B.