Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 Girls, 5 days and 11 bags!

We had such a wonderful time in Florida. I am so blessed to be able to take Leanne on this trip each spring. I hope as Katie gets older she and I will also be able to take solo trips to share special mother/daughter time together. I said I was taking her along next year, but as I settle in to being home again I realize she really was fine while I was away and this is really special for Leanne and I. I really enjoy Leanne's company and am so proud of the wonderful, sweet, caring and funny young lady she is growing into. She has such a kind and gentle spirit. I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for her.

We roomed with my friend Shelly who happens to be the mother of Leanne's BFF Emily. We stayed at a really nice hotel with most of the families from out gym as well as the coaches. We got to sit around the pool in the evenings talking and watching the girls play. We also had breakfast together most mornings and set up dinner dates and fun activities with each other. Our girls even hosted a Twilight viewing party in our hotel room and we popped popcorn for them and about 7 of their friends. It was a really fun trip filled with many good memories for Leanne and I.

On our trip we drove to Orlando to have lunch at the Rain forest Cafe and shop at Downtown Disney.

We had a team dinner at Buca. Leanne tried calamari for the first time. She said she had to take a picture because the boys would never believe her.

The girls cheered on Saturday and on Sunday. They preformed beautifully. They looked great, had a ton of energy and hit their routine both days. They didn't finish as high in the standings as we had hoped, but there were a lot of great teams and the scores were very close. Leanne's youth team finished 3rd and her senior team finished 5th. We were very proud of how hard they worked and are now looking forward to this weekend in Columbus.

We finished our fun on Sunday. We took the monorail system in downtown Jacksonville around town. We stopped at the Landings and had lunch with about 10 other families. We had a great time getting to know people outside of cheer. We had a wonderful trip and can not wait to do it again next season. Of course I forgot my camera on this day so there are no pictures. A few of the other moms are supposed to email me some. I will add them when they do.

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