Monday, March 16, 2009


Sherry asked about Leanne's face painting in my last post. That photograph is just one of my favorite pictures of my beautiful girl. It was taken at Kings Island on Halloween 2008. We were there with Leanne's best friend and her mother celebrating the girls 11Th birthdays. Since the girls both cheer (on the same team) and we have to work around practices, competitions and fundraising this was the only day we could go. The girls loved it and had a wonderful birthday together.

With 4 kids celebrating birthdays each year (as much as I don't like them getting older) it is so much work. It seems like every time I turn around it is time to plan another party. Because of the expense and time involved in each party I had to come up with a new system. Our new system is easy. Every other year the kids have a birthday party with friends and family. On the opposite year they will have a family dinner and and activity with one friend. It seems to be working well and it is much less stress. I also implemented the party rule that all parties take place outside of the house. The kids are fine with this and it is really fun to try to find a fun place every other year. This year is party year. Katie and Justin had a joint party at the World of bounce. Cameron's Birthday is next and his party is being planned for a local YMCA park with climbing walls, zip lines and obstacle courses. That's a dream party for boys! Here are a few more pictures from Leanne's birthday activity at Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio. They had SO much fun!

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  1. I just love the face paintings!! Amazing! Makes Leanne's eyes pop! Just beautiful. (can ya tell I really like it)

    And brillant idea on the birthday parties!! We are lucky as both our girls are in January (20 & 23) and they are the same age. So planning will always be easier for me (shared party every year). Very good for an old mama!