Monday, March 16, 2009

Prima Ballerina.... Maybe not!

I must admit that I have been rather surprised at how well Katie is doing in her ballet class. Not with the actual dancing, but going into the class alone. As I have been told many times "all good things must come to an end". And they ended today! Katie did well initially. She walked into class and participated for a about 10 minutes. The teacher let her come and get me to use the potty and that was the end of it. She kept saying "I don't want to do it any again!". I think she meant ever again, but she was getting her point across. To get her to go back in the class I sat her in a chair in the room and gave her a small bag of toys. I figured if I took her home when she was demanding it, I would never get her back in the class again. In my mind it was better for her just to be in the room not participating than to just pack up and go home. The teacher on the other hand did not agree...

I do not know if I have mentioned anything about her dance school. This is a dance school ran by world champion dancers. They are almost all Eastern European and they can all dance. They are really beautiful dancers. However beautiful dancing comes with a price. They are very strict. They are nice to the kids don't get me wrong. But communication skills with the parents are totally lacking. They actually have a sign in the lobby that reads PARENTS: NO FRATERNIZING WITH THE TEACHERS. Since when it is it inappropriate to talk to your childs teacher? I don't mean corner her after class and demand a report on your childs dance skills. But I do not think a "hi how is my daughter doing?" is out of line. They are also very particular on dress code and attendence. While I think all of these things are great for older kids who really want to pursue dance for a future, it may be to much for a 4 year old.

Back to the story... Katie never rejoined the class today. She did end up staying the last 30 minutes and she just sat in the chair and played with the little bag of toys. When class was over the teacher came out and wanted to talk to me. I was shocked since I had read the sign! The teacher waited until I gathered all of Katie's things and then says to me (while pointing at the toys) "I let this happen this week, but it will NOT happen again!" I was a bit taken aback, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. I explained my reason for allowing the toys, and she seemed to understand. Katie was tiered, she is having a hard time with me leaving this week and she is spoiled. We will finish out the session, since grandma paid for it, but we may just stick to cheer.

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