Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sabotaged by the one I love

I have a really good friend named Lisa. She and I rarely see each other (even though we live 2 blocks away), but we talk on the phone several times a day. A typical conversation can change topics at least 20 times in one call. It is no surprise when she calls me with an new idea such as "let's grind our own wheat", "do you want to split 50lbs of oats", "how many coupons do you need for free cheese" and so on. These are the many reasons we get along so well. Who else can just assume you need 25lbs of oats, or will not think you are crazy if you now have 90 bags of shredded cheese in your freezer? Our Thursday conversation was not much different. After discussing many important topics such as our children's behavior and Jon and Kate, Lisa asked if I wanted to start the belly fat diet. I still don't know exactly what it is, though I do know it involves mofas, sassy water and starvation. Being the supportive friend I am, I said SURE! I went to the store the next day and purchased all of the sassy water ingredients as well as most of the other stuff I needed.

I started our new diet very well. I didn't even eat one of the cookies Lisa sent to my family. For breakfast it was cereal and milk with applesauce and sesame seeds (the mofas). Lunch was a salad, cheese stick and turkey lunch meat. There was a berry smoothie with flax oil, but since I forgot the flax oil, I skipped it. While my family was enjoying tortilla soup and cheese quesadillas for dinner, I was having bland chicken breast with mushrooms and brown rice. By 8PM I was starving and decided I was going to go to bed very early. Before bed I checked my email and to my surprise there was an email from Lisa. In the email she said let's start south beach tomorrow "we can have dessert". I can only assume my friend was starving as much as I was.

My south beach diet started with a bang this morning. By evening it was all downhill. I was sabotaged by my sweet husband. He ran to the grocery for something and walked in with about 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. In the bag he had not 1 but 2boxes of Thin Mints. It is so hard to avoid the temptation of a Thin Mint. I managed the temptation for a few minutes. However, I was overcome with the thought of their minty chocolateie goodness. I caved and ate a few. Then I ate a few more and a few more... You get the picture. I guess tomorrow is back to south beach at least until I check my email.

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