Monday, March 16, 2009

Pinewood Derby

This year was my boys first year in Boy S*couts. They were so excited about joining. I will admit Chad and I really are not that into it, but we will stick it out for the boys. We didn't do as many activities as we should have, but thankfully this is a pack only for our homeschool group and they are very understanding. We have vowed to try much harder next year! Anyway- Saturday was the BIG Boy S*cout Pinewood Derby. The boys have been working on their derby cars for a few weeks. Aside from using the band saw to cut them out they did everything themselves. It was very obvious which boys made their own car and who's dad made their car who had a little help.

My boys were so proud of their cars and could not wait for the race. Cameron's car didn't do to bad. He almost made it to the finals. Poor little Justin's car just did not run fast as all. He actually made it into the "snail race" and his car was the second slowest of the day. He got a second place plaque (with a turtle on it) and was THRILLED! I tried to explain to the little guy that he was not in fact in 2nd place. I just didn't want him going to scouts talking about coming in second and one of the boys telling him he lost. Honestly I just let it go, because he was so excited. I don't think he would believe someone if they told him he lost. When we walked in the house he said "where should I hang this trophy"? I am going to mention to the scout master that I think the snail race was a little much and only added insult to injury. I don't think rubbing it in that you had to slowest car of the day was necessary for a group of small boys. Unless of course you are my child who can turn second to last into second to first. To be 8 again...
This is what Katie was doing while I was getting the boys ready and taking their pictures.

She kept saying "momma look at me", "momma take my picture". I think she may have a problem with sharing the spot light. I will also mention that while I was taking this picture Justin was behind her freaking out and begging me for a lock for his bedroom. Little sisters are so much fun.

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