Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are home! Leanne and I had a wonderful time, but I was ready to get home. I am really a home body and I missed the rest of my family terribly. I was getting daily calls from Katie pleading with me to "call the hairplane man and tell him to bring you home!" It was so sweet, yet so sad at the same time.

My dear friend Shelly dropped Leanne and I off last night. We missed our connecting flight in Atlanta because there were mechanical problems on the first plane in Jacksonville. We were stuck at the Atlanta airport for an extra 4 hours. We got off of the first flight and ran to try to make our connecting flight. We got there with a few minutes to spare and the gate was already closed. We were standing there looking at our plane and they would not let us on it. It was not only Leanne and I who missed the flight. There were around 25 people who missed that plane. It was so upsetting. We finally made it home around 1am and I just had to wake my babies up to hold them and shower them in hugs and kisses. I was pleasantly surprised that Chad had the house sparkling clean and even bought me a new sweeper. He is a keeper!

Leaving was really hard! Katie did not want me to leave her and I did not want to leave her either. I tried to get her a plane ticket two days before we left. There were seats left on the plane, but they had increased from the $160 I paid for them in January to over $1,100. I was so upset that even the customer service representative from D*elta was reassuring me that Katie would be fine and that my older daughter deserves this time and how special it was for her..... She must have been customer service rep by day and a therapist by night. She was very sweet and helpful. While I was packing Katie climbed up on my lap and said "Momma please call the hairplane man and tell him you need a ticket for your baby girl so she can go to the competition." I cried almost the entire time I was packing. As I was finishing up this is what I saw:

Katie had packed her suitcase, put her coat on over her pajamas and was sitting on top of her luggage waiting to go with us. It was so sad I was ready to pack her up and drive to Florida. By morning she was better and I was able to leave without and tears from Katie. However there may have been a few from her old momma. It was very hard leaving Chad, the boys and my baby girl. Next year Katie will join Leanne and I and I will be planning a getaway for Chad and the boys as well. We are all going to Disney World in September, so they will get to go to Florida this year too.

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  1. OH.MY.GOSH. That is heart-wrenching! That picture of sweet Katie is the sweetest/saddest thing I've ever seen! I'm not quite sure how you had the strength to leave her...I'm sure it was the hardest thing ever.