Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cookies and coloring eggs

Lisa told me about these really cool cookies to make the night before Easter. We did this tonight with our kids after we colored eggs. Chad read the Bible verses, I told the kids the meaning and they added the ingredients and followed the instructions. It was a really great Easter tradition we plan to continue each year. I pray as they get older they can see more of the symbolism. I hope that this is a tradition they will carry on with our grandchildren.

Our cookies are in the oven (tomb) for the night. Here are the kids watching them as Chad tells them about putting Jesus body in the tomb and rolling the stone in front of it. They can not wait to see what happens to the cookies in the morning.

Here are the kids watching the cookies after we put them in the oven and taped it closed:

You can find a link to the Easter Cookies with Bible lesson here.

Lisa- Ok, ok, ok... you were right!!! There was no way I could look into my babies eyes and tell them what The Lord did for us without crying. You know me so well!

We also colored eggs this evening. This is not my favorite Easter activity, but I did it as a kid and do not want to rob my kids of the same joy I had. We colored a little over 3 dozen eggs. We will take these to my in-laws tomorrow to hunt after we enjoy a delicious meal.

Leanne and Justin cutie pies:

Katie stained her favorite color pink. Pink hands should look cute with her beautiful Easter dress:


Katie was so excited to color eggs. This is the first time she really understood what she was doing. We could not keep her off the table.

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  1. If we would have been home we would have colored eggs too. I'm like you, Lacy, I really don't want too, but will for the kids! I'm sure we would have had stained hands (like Katie), clothes and furniture!! There's always next year!! Looks like you guys made memories and that's what it's all about!