Thursday, April 16, 2009

A sad day in the kichen

Today was a sad day in my kitchen. My mixer has mixed it's last loaf of bread. I know it sounds crazy to be upset over a kitchen appliance, but I am so sad. Chad and the kids went and picked this out for me for our first Christmas as a family. They were all so excited to give it to me. I was really excited to get is as well. I had mentioned a few times over the years that I wanted one, but didn't think anyone remembered. When I opened that box I was as happy as if I received a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. Over the years I have used this mixer to make my kids birthday cakes, taught Leanne to make cheese cake, let Katie dump hundreds of ingredients, helped the boys make play dough and much, much more.

As sad as it is one must move on...

And move on I did:) I am going to order a Bosch. It is not nearly as pretty as my kitchen aid, but it is a work horse. This thing could mix a kitchen aid under the table! Lisa and I have spent many days ohhing and ahhing over the Bosch. We will look at the specs of the machine while talking on the phone. One of us will say "it has an 800 watt motor" or "it has a transmission and a drive shaft..." It is almost like two guys looking at a brand new corvette. So, I am going to have to take the plunge and buy one. It is really expensive and not really in the budget right now, but it would be so hard to live without a mixer. I think I convinced Chad by explaining to him that I would not expect him to pour concrete without the proper tools. Homemaking is my job, how can I do it without the proper tools? I hope it is here sometime next week. In the mean time I did email kitchen aid and hopefully I can have my little mixer fixed. After all it looks so pretty on my counter!

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