Friday, April 24, 2009

Thankful on Friday

I have had a very rough week this week with things breaking down and tons of errands. I know it could be much worse. I could have sick children, or ailing parents, no house or food.... you get the idea. Non the less this week has just seemed to drag on and on with no end in site.

So far this week (and the end of last week) my kitchen aid mixer broke and they have been less than helpful in assisting me with having it repaired, my slicer/shredder is broke, my camera will not recognize it's very expensive memory card, my computer got a virus and I had to take the kids to the eye doctor, Leanne to the pediatrician and Cameron to the orthodontist. We have then had all of our normal happenings such as school, homeschool group, the grocery store (twice) and fundraising for cheerleading. We did manage to squeeze in 2 tumbling classes for Leanne, a skating party on Monday night, 4-H on Tuesday and a trip the skate park on Thursday. It is never a dull moment around here!

Before I get to my Thankful Thursday on Friday ramblings I must share the story of our trip to the pedi on Tuesday:

On Monday night went to a skating party for our homeschool group. We got home kind of late and the kids bathed and went straight to bed. When Leanne woke up in the morning she was covered in a red sand paper looking rash. I thought she had strep throat, although she had no other symptoms and was feeling fine. I felt terrible since on Monday she had been to homeschool group, tumbling class and a skating party. I thought she may have exposed all of those kids to strep or some other mysterious illness. I gave her benedryl and watched her for a few hours and the rash continued to spread (from scratching I now know), so I called the pedi and got her in that afternoon. Of course when you homeschool every outing is a family event so all the kids and I filed in to the office to see what the mystery rash was. The doctor agreed that it looked just like the strep rash so he tested her and it of course came back negative. He said it was an allergic reaction and began to try to help us find the source. Here is the conversation that helped us figure out what Leanne is allergic to:

Dr.: "Have you changed detergent, shampoo or anything like that lately?"

Me: "No everything is the same as it always is."

Dr.: "Has she eaten anything she doesn't normally have?"

Me: "we were at a pot-luck last night, but all she ate was a few sun chips and a sugar cookie..."

Dr.: "Leanne have you done anything new you do not normally do?"

Leanne: "Hey?! Do you think it could be from my Oil of Olay ANTI-AGING cream?"

That's right. My 11 year old is using anti-aging cream. The doctor about busted a gut he was laughing so hard. He asked her "are you trying not to look 12?" It was the funniest thing ever! I am sure we were the talk of the office after we left. He was still laughing as we were leaving the room. For the record, Leanne got her anti-aging cream from my mother. Grandmas!!!! You gotta love them:)

Now onto Thankful Thursday on Friday...

I am thankful for so many things that it is even hard for me to pin point a few of them every week. I always want to post that I am thankful for very profound type things and I am. However, I am also thankful for all of the little things too.

I am thankful for a refrigerator full of good food for my kids to eat whenever they are hungry.

I am thankful that when I flip a switch on my wall the lights come on.

I am thankful I have running water and it is hot when I need it to be.

I am thankful I have a washing machine and a dryer and I do not have to drag countless loads of clothes to the laundry mat.

I am thankful I have heat in the winter and a/c in the summer.

There are so many small things in life that we take for granted each and everyday. My plan this weekend it so slow down and enjoy myself. There will be no worrying about how clean my house is or how much work needs to be done. I will be spending time with my friend Lisa G. and our girls. We plan to enjoying the simple things in life like garage sales with a friend, strolling the outlet mall and lunch with the girls. What fun!

Since Blog posts are no fun without pictures and my camera is not working I thought I would take little stroll down memory lane and post some cute photos from the past.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Chad and Justin. Isn't it funny how the Lord can make adopted children look so much like their parents?

Baby Katie at just a few weeks old. She was so sweet. I really miss those days!

Leanne at our old house ready to go to the father/daughter dance for Brownies. She is looking as youthful as ever:) Notice the corsage from her daddy. They went to three dances over the years and loved everyone of them. These are such cherished memories.

I am looking for some pictures of poor Cameron. My picture disks are such a mess. getting them organized is on my summer to do list. Pictures of Cameron are to come. I promise I have them. However most of the older pictured of the kids are on film. Remember the days of film? Life was so simple then!

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  1. I laughed at Leanne's doctor visit. I'm sorry she had a rash, but found the reason pretty funny. I hope it doesn't brake her out when she really does need it!!

    Hope you have a better week next week.