Friday, April 3, 2009


I spent today sewing with my dear friend Lisa G. She is not to be confused with my kitchen gadget loving, wheat grinding, gymboree enabling friend Lisa H. whom I mention so often in my blog. Anyway- The girls and I drove the 45 minutes to Lisa G's to make cloth diapers. No. I do not need cloth diapers. Lisa needs cloth diapers and I am making some for my friend Sarah who recently became the mommy to sweet little Noah. We started our day at 10:30 AM and finished at 5:30 PM and we made a grand total of 1 diaper. Yes that says one, uno, only 1 diaper in 7 hours. It was not for lack of trying. We did have 4 little girls trying to help us, we had to stop for a quick lunch and then there was the brownie break... Honestly we spent the bulk of our day doing prep work. There are about 8 layers to a diaper that have to be cut individually, some have to be pre-sewn and some can not be pinned. It was very slow going, but once the prep work was finished the diaper itself went together quickly. And ladies this 'aint your mommas cloth diaper. These things are super cute and very absorbent. I am very proud of my one diaper and can not wait to get the rest of them finished. I plan to have little Noah's diapers finished before he is potty trained!
(pictures tomorrow)

I really enjoy sewing. It is just not something I get to do often enough. I am a bit of a perfectionist so the things I sew seem to take me a long time. I think I spend most of my time with the seam ripper taking things apart to do them again the right way. I have a ton of projects in different stages of completion. I have the best of intentions. I just don't have as much time for my hobby as I wish I did. Here are a few of the things I have made miss Katie. She loves a new mommy made dress and often requests one when we are at the fabric store. It is so cute. You will notice Katie's binky in a lot of these photos. I am happy to report that Katie has been Binky free for almost a year. She did have a brief relapse while I was in Florida (thanks mother in law), but has been off the Binky since I returned home:)

For our trip to Disney last year. A girl can not be expected to dress "off the rack" when she meets the Mickey Mouse!

For Dinner with Cinderella. Which my little princess cried through!

Baby Parade at the Pumpkin Show

First day of Home School Group Preschool

Christmas '07 this was her Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws dress. Yes, my tree is only decorated 2.5 ft and up. Katie is about 2.5 ft tall. Coincidence?

This one is a cute dress I made her just because. I am posting the picture so you can see her CRAZY hair! I love it like this.

I think I got carried away with the pictures of Katie. I just love that girl and can't get enough of her.

As much as I have enjoyed sewing for my princess as I said above I do not always have the time. When I need something special and I can not make it I look for talented WAHM's who sew custom clothing. One of my favorites is Leslie. I love her designs but have yet to own any. Maybe for our upcoming Disney trip??? Maybe sooner! I entered to win a custom lounge set on her blog. You can enter to win here by leaving a comment on today's post. Let Leslie know you saw the link here.


  1. Wow Lacy, you are super talented! And such thing as too many pictures of that cute Katie!

    Cloth diapers?? What the heck? Ok, so the landfill is half full because of my babies but hey, the CONVENIENCE!!

  2. Wow! You have done some amazing work. You should be proud. All I have tackled is quilt tops. You know, straight lines!! :) And who can resist the cute little outfits for one special girl! She's darling and a great poser!