Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Does it seem like the weeks are passing by so fast? I can not believe we are midway through April already. Before we know it the holidays will be here again. I know I am rushing things but this is how my years go:

January- back to normal from hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Justin's birthday. Cheer comps in full swing with two day nationals.

February- Cabin fever sets in. Katie's birthday. More cheer.

March- More cheerleading. Annual mother/daughter Florida trip.

April- Start thinking about finishing the school year and planning for next year. Finish cheer season. Baseball starts.

May- Spring fever hits. Try to keep plugging ahead with the school year. Plan assessment. Start worrying about said assessment. Try outs for new Cheer season. New cheer season practices start. Baseball.

June- Finish school. Baseball in full swing. Cheer. Cheer camp. Cameron's birthday. Baseball. Baseball camp.

July- Homeschool assessment. Football practice starts. Football camp. Summer activities. Cheer.

August- Busy summer continues. Football. Cheer.

September- Start new school year. New competition season begins. Football games start. Leanne's birthday.

October- Football. Cheer. Halloween. Chad's birthday.

November- Thanksgiving. Cheer. Run, run, run.

December- Christmas. My birthday.

My year just runs together from one event to the next.

There are days I wish we lived out in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Where time seemed to stand still. We would spend lazy summer days together and snuggle in front of the fire in the winter.

In the mean time I am thankful for all of the things we are able to do together as a family. The Lord has blessed us beyond anything we deserve. We are able to do so many wonderful things with and for our children and I am thankful for that every day. I am thankful they are able to try anything they want. I am thankful they have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

I am so thankful that I am the one who gets to see them smile when the bat hits the ball. That I am the one who sees them run into the end zone or tumble across a spring floor. I am thankful I am the one who hears their laughter when their team wins. I am also thankful I get to wipe their tears when they don't. I am thankful I'm the one they call for when they are hurt. I am thankful to be the one who tucks them in at night and gets the that last sweet good night kiss. I also thankful I get the first hug in the morning. It really can't get much better than this. I am just thankful!

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