Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg hunt

On Friday we were invited to a Easter Egg hunt by Katie's friend Jennie. Jennie's mom Brandy and I have been friend since were were teenagers so it is always fun to get our kids together. Katie was really excited to go even though I don't think she really understood what we were going to do. We looked for a few eggs in the yard last year, but have never taken her to an egg hunt. She had been asking a lot of questions and needless to say she was ready to go on Thursday when she went to bed. When we woke up on Friday morning a normal spring day in the buckeye state it was of course raining. Our local weather guy was calling for cold rain all day. I called Brandy and she said they were still on and were just hoping for a pocket of about an hour to play a few games, hunt eggs and have lunch. I decided to go ahead and go. I packed a lunch threw my kids and the van and picked up Katie's friend Sarah (Sarah and Jennie are cousins). We got to the park a few minutes late as usual.

When we arrived they were playing with a parachute. Then we had an egg race. The kids raced with eggs (don't worry they were boiled) on spoons across the basketball court and back. Brandy wanted them to crawl and push them with their noses, but it was really wet. While the kids were playing a few people hid eggs. Cameron decided he was to old to hunt eggs and helped hide them instead. After the games we let the kids loose to hunt the eggs. Katie was freezing and refused to hunt for even one egg. Cameron was so sweet, he found her 4 eggs with candy in them. They were probably easy to find since he knew where they were. It is always nice to have an insider:)
Justin found a lot of eggs:

This is how Katie hunted eggs:

Cameron helping sweet Sarah find eggs:

Sweet Sarah hunting eggs in a winter coat! Is she not the cutest???

After the hunt the kids were ready to go. It was so cold they didn't even want to eat outside. All in all they had a great day. Katie can't stop talking baout hunting eggs on Sunday afternoon at grandma's. I wonder if she will cry then too?
A very sleepy girl:

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