Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Momma's Boy

There is something so precious about the love a little boy has for his momma. Don't get me wrong, I know my girls love me. There is just something different about the love of a little boy. It is not better or worse it is just different. There is little I could ask my boys to do that they would not willingly complete. Boy's just love their mothers unconditionally. Today Justin called me into the living room and said "Mom, tell Cameron I am to a Momma's boy!". It was so cute and so sweet, it almost made me forget he was in trouble, again!

Tonight for dinner I made taco's. I know we just had them for lunch but these were different, I promise. Not to mention I am determined to get the hang of the crazy tortilla maker. Anyway- Cameron had no less than 3 soft tacos plus the rice. He kept saying "Mom, this is so good, I love it". I asked him what he would do when he grows up if his wife is not a great cook like me:) He said "That's not a problem, I will just come home".

I think I have two of the sweetest boys in the world and they are super cute to boot. How lucky can one Mom get?


  1. Very sweet! A deagreement over being a mama's boy! Some day they wont like this story.

    Reminds me of Molly's story the other day. She says "mom, I'm not a baby anymore, but I'll always be your babt right?" That's what I tell them all the time. That they will always be my babies, no matter how big they get.

    We ahve to be the luckiest mommas on earth!

  2. OH!! So sweet!! Let me tell you, I totally know what you are saying about boys..they are priceless beyond words!

    And thanks for making me hungry for tacos (at 6:30 AM)!!

  3. You have such a nice family are truly blessed :) I am so happy for you!