Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big weekend plans

I had BIG plans this weekend. I was going to get my flowers planted, get my storage room organized and clean the carpets. Not to mention clean Katie's room and my sewing room. How much did I get done you wonder? NONE!!! We played all weekend:) Chad and I worked a fundraiser on Saturday. It was supposed to last until about 11:00pm so we had the kids stay all night with grandma. Much to our surprise we were able to leave at 8:00. We decided to not pick up the kids and had an evening to ourselves. We went out to dinner and watched a movie. It was really REALLY nice.
Sunday we afternoon we were invited to a cook-out at Lisa's. Chad was working at a baseball game and I was home alone. I had not made a dish to take and I really thought I just wanted to stay home. While I was talking to Lisa on the phone I changed my mind. I made a macaroni salad and a few "angeled" eggs and headed out the door. We ended up being about 20 minutes late because Princess Katie had fallen asleep on the couch and then woke up on the wrong side of it. She threw a monster of a tantrum which had me rethinking even leaving the house. She finally calmed down and we were on our way. When we arrived she sat in a baby swing and refused to move or let anyone touch her for about 30 minutes. She even ate her dinner in that crazy swing. After that she was out, running, playing and having a great time with her "best friend" Sarah.
All of the kids had a blast. They played kickball, some mixed up game of football, climbed trees, rode bikes and so much more. We had such a great time. We always have fun with Lisa's family, but this was really a nice evening. We ended the evening just as it started to sprinkle. But not before we made smores. YUMMY!!! To bad Chad missed it all. Not to worry Lisa's husband Oscar had a great idea. We are planning a camping weekend. Lisa is so excited! (please read this with the sarcasm it was intended)
This picture of the girls is from when I was in Florida and Katie had a play day with her friend. I thought it was to cute no to post.

Thanks for the pictures Lis. They are so cute and much more fitting than the pictures from New Years Eve!

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