Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleep issues

I am so sleepy this morning and I didn't even stay up all night watching mindless television or shopping online! I am sleepy because it is impossible to sleep in my bed anymore. With 2 adults and Katie it is bad. To make things worse Justin has been coming in sometime in the middle of the night again. That child is scared of everything. When I say everything I mean the dark, spiders, Dr. Phil, clowns, balls, really you name it and he is probably afraid of it. His fear of spiders is what has him in our bed the last few nights. We had a large black blood sucking tiny spider in in the kitchen on Monday. It took me to long to find something to spray it with and he scurried away to freedom. Justin is convinced it is a wolf spider which would obviously suck blood since it would have to be related to a werewolf. Justin is also sure he saw it in the kids bathroom later in the day which is right beside his bedroom. He will NOT go in either room alone. All of this boils down to I CAN NOT SLEEP! It is so hard. When Justin is in bed Katie moves closer to me. I think I am moving to Katie's bed tonight. I hope they don't follow me:)

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