Monday, May 4, 2009

Hats off to Mrs. Dugger

Today I had 7 kids. It was only for about 7 hours, but I am exhausted. Lisa called me this morning to let me know her dear brother in law had went home to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. She asked if she could bring the kids by for a few hours so she and her hubby could be with his family. Of course I wanted to help my friend anyway I could and told her to bring them over for as long as she needed.

To get ready for the kids I decided to do down and make some icing for the the cinnamon rolls I made yesterday so the kids could have a treat for breakfast. I also needed to start some laundry so my hubby would have clean towels when he got home from work. Since we would be having company I scoured my downstairs restroom as well. Katie was the only one up, so she mopped the floor for me. It was very helpful;) Non of this was necessary, but I needed to get the cleaning done today and I was pretty sure with 7 kids I would not get it done with them all here.

I must say the kids were as good as gold. The played a little Wii, watched about 3 seconds of television (since we nixed scooby-doo) and played outside the rest of the day. We gave them all the day off school work and the enjoyed it to the fullest. At one point they had every bike, scooter, pair of skates, skate board and any outdoor toy they could find in my front yard. It looked like a toy store exploded. While the big kids were outside Katie and Sarah were playing dress up and turning me into a frog, a princess, a puppy and a baby. They were so cute! I made them 3 pizzas for lunch and chocolate chip cookies for snack and the gobbled it all up. They were starving again just a few hours later. The kids got along great, cleaned up nicely and had a lot of fun.

That being said.... this momma is exhausted. I do not know how Mrs. Dugger raises 18 children with such a sweet spirit, a smile on her face and never raises her voice. Seven has me ready for bed at 6:00. I still have to fix dinner, pick Leanne up from tumbling and dry those towels. It counts as clean towels if they are in the washer right!?

And since blog posts are no fun with out pictures:

Here is what I found my princess up to after her friend went home. You can not take your eye off of her for 1 minute!

I hear pastel eye shadow is making a comeback.

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  1. Shew, I'm tired just reading your post! Glad it was a good day for you all. And I'm sorry about your friends BIL.