Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Black, White, Tan

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about Princess Katie and her big question. It is still hurting me that my sweet baby is sad that she does not look like us. She is so young and I really do not think she understands a lot of the things I tell her. My friend Charity was telling me about going to the Women of Faith convention and how she saw a women there who sings a song called Black, White, Tan. Just tonight I remembered the name of the song and looked it up. It doesn't fit our situation perfectly because she is an African American women singing a song to her biracial children. However the message in the song is beautiful. I ordered the CD because Katie loves music and I think singing it over and over to her may help her understand. Grab a tissue and listen for yourself. It is a very beautiful song about our Fathers love for us.

Black, White, Tan - Nicole C. Mullen

Here are the lyrics:
Mama looks like coffee,daddy looks like cream
Baby is a mocha drop,American dream
All the colors in the rainbow is in her family tree
Woven altogether in a paisley tapestry

She holds real tightly to her parents' hands
Baby loves that woman,baby loves that man
And her soul gives a smile 'Cause she understands
That love is black,white,tan
Yeah black,white,tan

Everyone is precious in the Father's sight
It don't matter red,or yellow,black or white
He just loves you 'cause he loves you
And I tell you this is true
You are not a color and the color is not you

Hold real tightly to your Daddy's hand
Cause He loves that woman,He loves that man
And let your soul give a smile
Every once in a while
Let your soul give a smile
Every once in a while
Let your soul give a smile
Every once in a while

'Cause love is black,white tan
Yeah I know that love is black,white,tan
Yes I know GOD's love black,white,tan
A little girl will tell you Black, White, Tan

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