Saturday, May 16, 2009

A spring makeover and Thanks

I thought my blog could use a little spring cleaning. I think it looks pretty cute, but I am not totally happy with it. I am trying to figure out how to make a nice header. You may see some changes as I try to get it all figured out.

Thanks to Lori, Sherry and my sister in law Kathy for the sweet comments, support and suggestions to help us help Katie. Katie is doing just fine. She and I have talked about it in a way I hope she understands. We do own and read books about being adopted, she is around a pretty diverse group of kids and she has many African American baby dolls. On her new cheer team there are 3 other little girls who are bi-racial. I am so excited she will have these girls around her. She will also be able to see that they don't look like their mommies either. My mom had a great suggestion to make Katie feel better... Adopt another baby. Grandmas! They are always looking for a way to get another grand baby:) Last week I would have considered it. However, on Monday I babysat for a friends 5 month old and remembered how much work babies really are. We will stick to the books and dolls!

Since my camera is still not working I am using Leanne's. I can not load the pics on the computer with her camera. Since blogs are boring without cute pictures I thought I would add some cute pictures of Katie I already have on my computer.

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  1. Your blog looks great!

    So funny....I was thinking the same thing as your mom! Adopt another baby! Ok, if you don't want to start over with a tiny one, then adopt a toddler! Ummm yes, lots of work but I have a feeling you would have an extra little mommy there to help you!

    LOVE the pictures...especially the lemon one!