Friday, May 15, 2009

A new cheerleader...

Cheerleading tryouts were last weekend. Leanne is on a Junior Level 5 team and is also helping out the youth 3 team by double teaming. We are very proud of Leanne and all of her hard work. Leanne started cheerleading at age 7 and has progressed at least 1 level each year she has cheered. She started as mini-pee wee level 2 and is now on a level 5 team. Level 6 is as high as all-star cheer goes and that is for college age kids. Leanne is so talented. I love watching her as much as she loves cheering.

We have a new cheerleader in out house this year. Miss. Katie "tried out" and is on the Tiny level 1 cheer team. She is so excited! Katie tried to cheer last year, but was a little to young. She cried the entire time she was at the gym. This year is the total opposite. She is so excited every time we get to the gym. She walks right in like she owns the place:) I can not wait to get her little uniform and see her on the competition floor. We do not compete until November, so I have a long wait. It will be so worth it!

Just for fun- here is a video of our Senior 5 all girls team this year at worlds. This is what all of the girls in our gym strive for. They all want to be on the senior 5 team and go to worlds. Leanne will be old enough next year.

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  1. From the video you posted with Leanne's team a few months ago I'd say she is well on her way to sr level. Congratulations Leanne & Katie. I'm sure she will teach Katie all she knows. Just wondering how Momma is goingot keep up with two!