Friday, May 29, 2009

A sad day....

On Saturday morning we will be putting our family dogs to sleep. Chloe has suddenly gotten really sick and is just getting worse. She can not longer control her back legs. She is getting hurt trying to walk around the house and as of today is in pain. Chloe was our first baby. Chad and I got Chloe the July after we got married. She has been a sweet, loving and wonderful dog. She will be sadly missed by all of us.

Malloy was my dog when I lived at home. He is 16 years old and blind in one eye. He is losing his sight in his other eye and has begun snapping at the kids. Who could blame him? They startle him because he can not see them coming. He is the cutest mutt ever. We are not sure how he will do without Chloe. I am afraid he will just get worse. That is why we are taking them both together. Malloy has been such a loving companion and truly a wonderful dog.

Both of our dogs are like members of our family. They have both lived wonderful and full lives. Chad, the kids and I will miss them terribly. I would appreciate your prayers tomorrow as I am sure this will be hard for the kids. Grandma is going to pick up Katie and we are taking the older kids with us. I was (and still am) not sure if it is a good idea to take them with us. They all want to come and I don't want to upset them anymore than they already are. I am hoping they all can handle it. I am not even sure I can.

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  1. Lacy, I'm sorry you are having to do this. I'm sure it was a very hard decision to make. My thoughts are with you today.