Saturday, February 21, 2009


Cameron is my "middle" child. He really is the sweetest little boy. He is so laid back and just goes with the flow. All of those reasons are why Cameron as horrible as it sounds often gets lost in the shuffle of having 4 kids. Now, he gets plenty of attention and I spend just as much time shuttling him to and from activities as everyone else. It just seems like he doesn't get as much one on one time. Maybe it is because he is a boy and talking to his mom is not high on his to do list? I am not sure, but Chad and I are both trying to take a little extra time each day and talk to him privately, take him places alone and give him a few extra hugs.

Last night Cameron asked if he could have a sleep over at the neighbors house. At first I said no. He as never stayed anywhere except family (or friends who may as well be family), so saying no seemed like the right thing. I quickly decided to let him. He would be just across the street and he is almost 10 years old. So I told him he could. Cameron was so excited! That changed as soon as he got there and the other mother remembered they had plans early in the morning and said they would have to reschedule. Leanne was already going to a sleep over at the gym and when Cameron had a place to go Justin immediately called his grandma and asked to stay with her. Katie joined in on Justin's sleep over and they where on their way to grandmas for the night. Now Cameron has no where to go and he was so sad.

Chad decided that they would have father/son night. He took Cameron to get a new pair of tennis shoes since he really needed a pair. They then went to a movie where he let Cam have popcorn, candy, a hot dog and pop. I NEVER let me kids eat food at the movie theater. I do buy one popcorn for them to share, but I am just to cheap to buy all of the other stuff. They also played pinball at the theater. I stayed at Leanne's sleep over until 11:30 and when I got home the guys were just pulling in. I woke Cameron up early this morning and took him out to breakfast. We talked about his new baseball team and his upcoming football camp. When we got home this morning Cameron gave me a hug and said thanks for the great night. I am so glad we were able to take a little bit of time with our sweet boy. He had great time and so did we.

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