Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's all my fault!

On Friday I had to make an early morning T*rget run. Chad had offered to work my Bingo cheerleading fundraiser, so I could stay home. Before he left I ran to T*rget because some things I have been watching were being marked down to 75% off. I only had about an hour, so I had to shop fast! I bought a really nice chair for Leanne's bedroom (she is getting a more grown up room) and headed to the check out. The chair rang up at $7 and both the cashier and I knew that was not correct. As someone looked for the correct numbers for the chair the cashier and I had a nice conversation. She told me she had a cold and was not feeling well. I replied "we have been so lucky, besides one weekend with the stomach flu, we have not even had so much as a sniffle". This is where I went wrong. I called Chad on the way home and asked him to have the kids get ready, we were going "T*rget hopping" to look for some deals. When we got to the first store Cameron looks at me and says "Mom, I don't feel good. My head hurts". We went home and he took some Tylenol and a nap. He is feeling much better. On Saturday morning I felt terrible. I have a terrible sinus thing going on. That will teach me to brag about not being sick all winter!

My friend Lisa shared her Valentines tradition with me a few years ago (I shared my Christmas in July tradition with her). She decorates in all pink and red and has a party all day with her family. I started doing the same thing last year with my family. Despite being sick, I tried to follow through and make the day special for my family. Katie and I got up and made homemade donuts with icing and Valentine sprinkles. For lunch they had heart shaped sandwiches. I made yummy organic fruit smoothies last night for the kids and their friends from across the street. We skipped Valentines dinner and will be having it tonight with Chad (he was working last night). We will have heart shaped pizza and strawberry ice cream for desert. We will also give each of the kids a small gift. The boys are getting air hog battling helicopters, Leanne is getting a case for her new cell phone and Katie is getting new wooden food for her kitchen. I gave Chad a nice card and he gave me roses.

We will continue to celebrate Valentines Day with our home school group on Monday. After our classes we will have a party. We will pass out Valentines cards and eat homemade goodies. I will be taking chocolate chip cookies and Leanne wants to make brownies. The kids are working on the 200 Valentines right now. Each of the kids needs to make 50 cards! Katie is cutting construction paper for her cards and she keeps saying "scissors are for paper, not hair! Right mommy?". She is so cute!!! We will also decorating shoe boxes with stickers and hearts. I remember doing these things in school. I am so glad I can give my kids the same good memories I had as a child.

We are off to t*rget to pick up some clearance Valentines stuff. In a few years I will have as much Valentines stuff as I do Christmas! I think I need an intervention!

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