Monday, February 23, 2009

I am one of "those" moms...

My mom has been after me to put Katie in dance classes for a while now. I have been dragging my feet because...well, she is only 3 and it is just one other place for me to go during the week. Finally grandma said, "please put her in a class and I will pay for it". Katie started ballet class this evening. I was not sure how it was going to go. This is the child who would not cheer because I could not go into practice with her. She is also the same child who has been going to our home school group for almost 2 years and has been to her pre-school class a total of 3 times. She does not leave my side by choice.

Today started out totally different than most Mondays. Katie got up and let me pick out her clothes and fix her hair with out crying. Usually she is crying because it hurts when her hair gets brushed and her mean mommy will not let her wear a swim suit everywhere she goes. When we got to our home school group she willingly went to her class ALONE! She walked in and said "you will pick me up in 40 minutes right mommy?" I assured her I would be back and she was fine. I was sure dance class would be terrible because she had went to her class and she didn't take a nap. I could see her starting to doze off in the back seat on the way to her class so she and I started singing songs. We sang, the ABC's, 10 little monkeys, every nursery rhyme and bible song I could think of and then I resorted to the hand games we played as little girls like Miss Mary Mac and Miss. Lucy had baby. I was desperate to keep her awake. All of my hard work payed off and she stayed awake for the 20 minute drive. When we walked in she would not talk to anyone and hid behind me. Her teacher asked me a few questions about Katie and then she said "how does she do with separation?" When I told her not well she turned to Katie and said "Katie, we are going to go into this room and have our class. Mommy's have to sit here on the couch and watch you on that television. Can you go into the room please?" Without any hesitation Katie took off her coat, handed it to me and ran into the room for her class. On the television I could see her dancing and having a wonderful time.

While I was watching Katie in her dance class is when I realized I was one of "those" moms. You know the mom who thinks her kids are the cutest, smartest, funniest and better at everything than every other child. Okay maybe I am not quite that bad. As I was watching Katie I was thinking to myself things like.... She is so talented! I wonder if her teacher can see what natural dance talent she has? She is THE BEST dancer in the whole room. I could not stop myself from thinking these things. I had a grin on my face and a tear in my eye watching my baby dance across that wood floor. That is when I knew I was one of them. Honestly though she was really good!

(I will add some pictures of my little ballerina tomorrow. My camera battery needs charged.)

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