Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today? No! Today?

I love taking Leanne to cheer practice and tumbling. We get a lot of one on one time and have some really interesting conversations. This is the time when we talk about life, things that may be bothering her, her hopes and dreams etc... Today was no exception. We have been looking for a new (used) cell phone for her. She cracked the screen on hers and can not see anything. On the way to cheer I mentioned to her that someone had emailed and let me know they had one for sale in her price range. She can not go over $75 dollars since her terrible and mean parents are making her pay to replace it:) Anyway- I told her about the email as we were pulling up and she had to run into practice. On the way home we had the following conversation:

Leanne: Did you email the person today?

Me: Yes

Leanne: No... I mean today?

Me: Yes, I did.

Leanne: No... I mean like today today.

Me: Yes, Leanne, I emailed the person today, like today:) I said yes when you asked me. Twice!

Leanne: Ohh.. okay I thought you meant like a few days ago.

Sometimes this girl worries me! She is definitely a cheerleader. You just have to love her!

She really wants to have her new phone by Friday. Her team is having a sleep over at the gym for some team bonding. The girls invented a new game tonight and a working cell phone makes it so much more fun. They are calling it Text and seek. I am serious! They were playing tonight and having a blast. The girls take turns hiding in the gym and then they will text each other with clues as to where they are hiding. I remember the good old days when we just played regular old hide and seek. When the only clue someone had to where we were hiding is when they heard you yell ready. Those where the good old days.

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