Friday, February 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday (I know it's Friday)

I know I am late again! I had planned to post this last night. Then I realized I had DVR'ed all of my weekly shows and I needed to catch up. There are only 4 shows I really love to watch, so it was not a huge undertaking, but I did want to watch at least one. The kids where exhausted and all fell asleep by 8:30, so it was a perfect night for vegging out. Now onto Thankful Thursday.....

I am thankful for restaurants. Chad and I have made a plan to only eat out once per month. This is not the first time we have made this plan. We frequently break it, but we do try. It is just so easy to run through and grab something to eat on the way to cheer, football, baseball, dance, tumbling, scouts.... You get the picture. Anyway, we have decided a few weeks ago to try it again. We have done really well. I have cooked homemade nutritional meals for the last two weeks. I have made almost all of our bread, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, homemade chicken noodles and so much more. We have actually not drank any pop or ate anything processed. It is so hard and I am ready for some takeout. Chad is taking us out for Chinese food for lunch this afternoon. We are all excited.

I am thankful for Cameron. Each and every time I make something for him to eat (4-5 times a day) Cameron thanks me for it. He always says "thank you for the good food mom" and then he hugs me and gives me a kiss. It is so sweet.

I am thankful that our rental property is rented. I listed it last Sunday and it was rented by Monday. We rented it to a very nice young couple who are trying to get thier kids in good schools and into a nice neighborhood. I am so thankful we do not have to make that house payment for at least the next year.

I am thankful for my steam mop. My kids love that crazy thing. My floors have never been so clean.

We are off to the rental house to meet the carpet installers. My tenants will have nicer carpet than I do as well as a nicer stove. There are some plans for new appliances here too. I desperately need a new oven. After we meet the carpet people we are picking up Leanne's brand new to her cell phone. She has no idea she is getting it today and it going to be SO excited.

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