Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bouncing, fish, arrows and ponies ohh my....

We had the big birthday bash today. I think all of the kids had a great time. Actually, I think the parents did too!!!

Justin and Katie have wanted to have their birthday party at The World of Bounce since before it was open. They painstakingly watched all of the construction through a glass window while at Leanne's cheer practices last summer. I promised them if it was finished in time we would celebrate their birthdays there. This was an awesome place for a party. They were so organized and everything ran so efficiently. It started as soon as we pulled up! We were given a huge bin on wheels to load all of the things from our car into. It made carrying the food, gifts and all the party extras so easy. There was no need for running back and forth 50 times to the car. We were then assigned our party "helpers". We had 3-4 young girls and one young man who helped with every need we had. The kids played in the bounce room filled with huge inflatables and Chad and I socialized as the girls set up everything. It was so much easier than cleaning and decorating right up to the minute the guests arrive at my house and spending hours cleaning up after they all leave. The kids had 1 hour and 15 minutes in the bounce room and were then moved to the party room. Once in the party room they were served pizza and juice. We sang happy birthday, blew out the candles and had cake. The kids then took turns sitting in the inflatable throne to open their presents. Since this was Justin's second birthday party we let Katie go first.

Katie received so many great gifts from our friends and family. Daddy and Mommy got her S'mores the pony, a new pair of cowgirl boots and a nice tea set. She also received, princess dolls, baby doll clothes and accessories, the rest of the furniture for her rose petal cottage, art stuff, beautiful sparkly shoes, wooden kitchen food, games, a pink doctor kit and dress up clothes. I am sure I am forgetting something, there was a lot of stuff. She loved everything and is having a blast opening it all and playing with it.

Justin also received many wonderful gifts. Daddy and Mommy got him a new remote controlled car, a baseball pitching machine and a camping set with a compass and flash light. He also received, money and gift cards to his favorite store T*rget. He also got a fish from a sweet little girl in our home school group. It had been previously approved by mom:) Our newest pet is a blue betta fish. Justin LOVES this fish. He had a hard time naming him. He was going to call him Fredrick, but "he just doesn't look like a Fredrick", so he settled on Buddy The Betta aka. Buddy. Another huge hit was a homemade bow and arrow set made by one of Justin's best bud's Seth. It is really neat and actually works. I know this because as I was sitting on the couch this morning the arrow went flying over my head. Don't worry it will not put an eye out. LOL! He also received art stuff, games, a nerf gun, bionicals, lego's and a science kit. Justin also truly loves all of his gift and is making bouncy balls right now.

We really did have a great time. Everyone we invited was able to make it. Most of the parents stayed so Chad and I were able to enjoy ourselves as well. Katie looked adorable in her custom birthday petti skirt and top. I also had a set made for her Bitty Twin, but we forget to take her to the party. The cakes turned out great. Justin choose a volcano cake and Katie had a fancy cake. We all arrived home from the party exhausted. That is the sign of a good party!

I must tell the story of Justin's cake. Justin could not decided what kind of cake he wanted. He wanted baseball, soccer, outer space.... anything he could think of really. So he and I started searching the internet for the perfect cake. We found a great cake decorating site that has every party theme you can imagine and the cakes are made at home. He quickly decided on the volcano cake once he saw it smoking. Being the over achieving mom I am, I decided to go for it. Now, I am by no means a professional cake decorator, but I am also not a novice either. I ordered the dry ice and made a list for the cake store. I ran into a huge problem when I went to look for my airbrush. I had loaned it out to a girl from cheer. When I emailed her to see if I could pick it she conveniently didn't have it. She also had no recollection of borrowing it. Even though I dropped it off at her house.

Anyway- I then spent two days trying to find a airbrush and air compressor to make Justin's volcano cake. Four stores, 50 phone calls and $300 dollars later, I had a working air brush. I made his cake and it turned out really cool. I am so glad I was determined to get a new airbrush. Justin loved his cake and it was huge hit at the party. I told Justin not to ever think I don't love him. Only a mothers love would make spending $350 to make an 8th birthday cake not seem ridiculous. I'll need it for something else right?

Ohh... and if anyone needs a volcano cake for an upcoming party, I know someone with an airbrush!

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