Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Abe's birthday and a follow up

Today is the Bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth. To celebrate his 200Th birthday our State House was having a "birthday party" complete with speakers such as the Governor, senators from around Ohio, a Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and let's not forget there was cake. My friend Lisa and I decided to take the kids. We are always looking for a way to get them out of the house where they are still learning something. We were also entertained by a fourth grade class dressed in period clothing who recited the Gettysburg Address, they were pretty cute. After the program concluded there was a Lincoln historian we wanted to wait and see. We had some time so we looked at the displays and Lincoln artifacts and headed down to take a tour of the State House. The kids loved the tour. We were able to step inside the Senate Chamber where we were able to see a mini session of Legislation in action. After the session was over the President Pro Tempore came over and asked the kids a if they had any questions for him. Of course they didn't have many, but they asked a few and he took his time to talk to us and was actually funny. He shared a little saying that Lisa and I thought was quite funny. He said "There are 2 things you never want to see being made. The first is sausage and the second is legislation!" We all had a good laugh. I thought it was very nice of him to take time out of his schedule to talk to 4 homeschoolers and a few adults. We finished our field trip with the kids favorite place....The gift shop!

After our trip downtown, Lisa took the kids home, so I could get to a doctors appointment. I was actually going in for a third opinion and I am so glad I did. He said what I have is called: focal complex hyperplasia with atypia (in my uterus). Sounds scary doesn't it? He said "your body is basically growing it's own cancer cells". There is a pretty good chance it is actually cancer already (based on a scale, one doctor said he would consider it cancer, 2 said not yet), but it is not a fast growing or aggressive cancer. I can avoid a major surgery by taking a high dose of progesterone daily. I will have to be monitored and have a biopsy done every 4- 6 months. If anything changes while they are monitoring it, I will have to have "the surgery". On a good note, there is a chance that after several more D&C's the cells could be totally gone. So I will just think positive and hope that the latter happens.

Onto more happy thoughts. It is Thankful Thursday again. I am on a roll for the last two weeks! There are so many terrible things going on in our country right now. I do however have faith that GOD is in control and these things will eventually turn back around. During these tough times it is nice to be able to concentrate on the good things even if it is only once a week.

I am thankful for:

1.) A heath care system that though flawed in many ways can and does save lives and cure diseases everyday.

2.) Being able to take my kids out of a classroom and teach them myself. Being able to watch them learn about things like our judicial system by sitting in a Senate Chamber instead just reading it out of a book.

3.) Rainbows! Yesterday after a terrible rain storm there was the most beautiful double rainbow outside. I took the kids outside and showed them and they were in awe. The beauty of our earth is amazing.

4.) My kids. I can not imagine where my life would be without them. I imagine it would be quiet:) But not nearly as entertaining or exciting.

5.) My mini van. I never thought I would drive a "grocery getter" but I am so thankful for it. I can sit each child in a seat where they can not touch each other. Genius!

I will end with a cute conversation Justin and I had about the field trip today.

Me: "We are going to a 200th birthday party for Abraham Lincoln."

Justin: "Awesome!!! He is really old!"

Me: "Jus, he died a long time ago. This is to talk about him and celebrate his life."

Justin: "How long will they be talking? Do you think it will be more than 45 minutes"

Me: "Probably, there will be several people there"

Justin: "Can I just stay home? If it is longer than 45 minutes I get very bored!"

He is so funny. He ended up staying home with Katie and Chad. He was upset when we got home because he missed.... The gift shop!

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