Monday, February 2, 2009

Confessions of a bad blogger and other ramblings....

I will admit it.... I am a bad blogger! I want to blog everyday. In fact there are many times a day when the kids do or say something and I think "ohh...I should blog about that". I just do not get to blog as much as I would like. I have also missed two Thankful Thursdays. I am still thankful for many things and while I am not sharing it on my blog I am sharing it in prayer and that is where it really counts.

I wish I could find a few more hours in each day. I just have to many things I like to do and many more things that I HAVE to do. Unfortunately blogging has to take the last spot in my crazy life. So, what has been keeping me so busy the last week or two?

First is school. We are so behind. Luckily, I have heard that from about every other homeschool mom I know as well. I think it is the winter blues. We are so done with being in the house all the time. Come on spring!

The second thing that is keeping me from blogging it my house. It has taken on a life of it's own. I can not get on top of it. It really seems like as soon as I clean something there is someone right behind me making a bigger mess.

Third would have to be cheer. We have had 2 day competitions for the last few weekends. We have also had extra practices and Leanne started a private tumbling/stunting lesson on Monday evenings.

The forth would be T*rget. Each year after Christmas they discount most of the toys down to 75% off. This is when I like to stock up for the little kids birthdays, friends birthdays, the "gift closet" and things to donate at Christmas time. They usually have the toys discounted befor Justin's birthday. This year however I think they decided to drive us (Lisa and I) CRAZY! They dragged it out for weeks. We had to make many trips each week until the finally made the big mark down. After all of the trips would you believe we missed it? It was a sad day in around here. Luckily my mom saved the day. Her store marked down the day after all 7 we checked and she got us all the things we wanted. Thanks Mom!

The last thing that keeps me from blogging is my favorite. Every time I sit down to blog, Miss. Katie crawls on my lap and asks me to hold her. How can I say no? She is so sweet. A few nights ago i rocked her to sleep in my office chair. I am sure I do not have many more nights left to rock her to sleep. So I will cherish each one I can get.

I will end with a few things that are coming up. They will hopefully be blog worthy.

We have the BIG birthday bash for Justin and Katie on Sunday. They can not wait to spend the afternoon at World of Bounce with 25 friends. I will spend most of Saturday baking a decorating birthday cakes. The boys will be getting their Boy Scout Pinewood Derby Cars this week. Leanne is gearing up for Cheer Nationals in Florida, so mom is looking for gift idea's for 37 girls who have everything. We have a Valentines Day Party at our home school group next week, so we will make boxes and decorate Valentines. I will also bake cookies for the cookie exchange. We are picking our 4-H projects this month. We were going to do a duck and rabbit until I learned the fate of the animals after the fair. Let's just say you do not bring them home to be the family pet! We also have science fair projects for our home school groups first Science Showcase (which I volunteered to organize). I love this stuff. I think that about does it until Spring when we will start getting ready for cheer try-outs, camping and planning our summer day camps and field trips. No wonder I can not find the time to blog!

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  1. What a good mom you are Lacy!! I need to take lessons from you on how to put off blogging for more important things because I seem to skip cleaning & such for my raging addiction! :)

    Oh and we are way behind on homeschooling also but I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel (probably a train).

    Anyway, great to read a new post from you, even if they are few & far between! :)